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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Activate Facebook Timeline for Pages

Activate Facebook Timeline for Pages
Today we are going to see how to activate Facebook timeline for pages.Some months ago Facebook come up with the new design called timeline for profiles.Many of the users switched to the timeline within weeks after the announcement .But some of the peoples were not happy with this timeline feature.However Facebook is forcing the users to move to timeline to make the unique style for all the Facebook profile.
Some days ago Facebook come up with the Facebook timeline for pages and now you can move your pages to Facebook timeline.Now you can activate Facebook timeline for pages without any risk.I am not yet moved the MoreTricks page to timeline and once I complete this article I will also move to Facebook timeline for Pages.
Facebook already announced that all the pages in the Facebook will get new look March 30,2012.That means if anyone not activate the timeline for Pages , the Facebook will automatically activate the timeline for those pages on March 30 , 2012.So the existing look of the Facebook page will only last until March 30.
Although March 30 is the deadline  you don’t want to wait until March 30 to activate Facebook timeline for pages.You can manually move the pages to timeline by using the following simple steps.
Steps to Activate Facebook Timeline For Pages
Visit your Facebook fan page in which you want to activate Facebook timeline..
You can see a notification banner on the top of the page with coming soon

Click on the preview button which you can see in the above image to activate Facebook timeline for Pages.
Don’t worry , by clicking on the preview button won’t activate Facebook timeline for pages.It’s a preview just for you and you can revert to older look till March 30.
If you like this new look , then you can click the button publish now to activate Facebook timeline for Pages.
Once you published the process is irreversible.
That’s it .Facebook timeline for pages is activated now and you can start styling your page by adding a beautiful cover page to it.
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