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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Harness the Marketing Power of Facebook Photo Comments and Tags

Smart website owners know that Facebook is one of the best ways to connect personally with readers and customers. However, it is easy to overlook one important feature of Facebook, the photos section. For nearly any business, using photos is a fun and creative way to connect with the current customer base and encourage them to spend more time on your profile. In addition, finding the right images allows a business to reach potential new customers with little effort. Current customers will share interesting images with their Facebook friends. There are two main ways to turn photos and images into powerful marketing tools: tagging and commenting.

Facebook offers the feature of photo tagging on every image that is uploaded on the website. The idea behind photo tagging is that if, for instance, a class photo is uploaded, each student could be “tagged” in the photo, providing a clickable link to the user’s profile. For most regular users, it simply allows them to reconnect with old friends.

In the business world, a company with a Facebook presence uses the tagging feature in two ways. First, the site owner can tag their website in photos posted by other users. If a clothing designer has a customer upload a photo of them wearing one of the designer’s dresses, the designer may choose to tag the dress. This provides everyone who views the photo an easy way to connect with the designer. The other way tagging works is when the business owner uploads their own images and tags their customers. This is an excellent way to give customers a feeling of connection with a business. If the image is relevant to the business and captivating to customers, it may be shared among friends, capturing some of that viral traffic that every business owner craves.

Commenting is another way for a business to connect with Facebook users. Every image has a space at the bottom where other users can make comments. This works as a two way street. The business owner can comment on images themselves and start a line of communication with the customer, and the business owner can solicit comments from the customer base. Both methods once again keep the customer on the Facebook page longer and build a personal connection from the site owner to the visitors. A huge benefit to commenting on photos is that when a link is added, it is not only clickable, but includes a website preview. This is a great way to get social networking backlinks to a business’s main webpage.

A good Facebook marketing campaign regularly includes the use of commenting and tagging. These tasks are not time consuming, and the results provide tremendous traffic and growth to a business’s Facebook profile. While there are many ways to utilize these free Facebook tools, one easy way to get customers involved in the photo tagging and commenting process is through a contest. The customers take a photo of themselves using the company’s product or promoting the logo. The customer does the work of uploading the photos and tagging them with the company’s profile. All their friends will see this image with the business tagged. The business owner can further promote their business by adding a link to the main page in the comments section.

Providing an interactive experience is the best way to encourage longer and repeated visits to a Facebook webpage. Using photo commenting and tagging is free and one of the easiest ways to connect with the audience. The results will pay off in the short term and over time as more people discover these photos and the attached tags and comments.

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