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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Use Facebook to Improve Your Travel Plans [APP REVIEW]

Here is one of the coolest apps/websites incorporating facebook’s social graph to come out recent months. It’s called Gtrot.

Gtrot is a service that has been viral amongst Ivy League college campuses since 2009 and is finally ready to hit the mainstream. With Gtrot, short for Globe-trotting, travelers forward their flight and hotel information to be shared with all of their Facebook friends. Gtrot organizes all of your friends data to reveal who lives in the cities you are traveling to, who has visited there before, or who will be visiting places at the same time as you. You can then reach out to those people for travel advice or to arrange meetups with your friends. All of your past trips are logged in your history and all of the places you’ve been are displayed on a google map.

Gtrot also offers daily travel deals from the cities they are traveling to, which have reportedly received great response from travelers. You will begin receiving daily deal offers in your email inbox 5 days before your trip begins and into each day of your trip.

All in all Gtrot looks like a great service and we highly recommend you give it a try for the next trip on your calendar.

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